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Just like life, your life with Christ is also a journey and learning where you are in that journey and how you can move forward to maturity, can become difficult at times. To provide some clarity for you, we created a Discipleship Journey here at New Life. With these 4 steps, you will discover where you are in your walk with Christ, but also where you should go from there. These 4 steps are:

Step 1: Encounter - These are intentional places prepared to give you an opportunity to experience God in community, such as:

● Weekly Sunday Services
● Kids Church
● Youth Nights
● Kids Night Out
● Alpha (coming soon!)
● Small Groups
● New Life Young Adults (coming soon!)

Step 2: Foundations - A seven week program where you will learn essential truths of the Christian faith to start or refresh your journey with the Lord

Step 3: Growth Track - A four week program to help you discover your unique S.H.A.P.E for serving the purpose of Christ in the His world

Step 4: Equip - A program to equip you in becoming a mature disciple who makes disciples

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