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A pathway is a roadmap. It’s how someone gets from where you are to where they need to be. It’s how a person finds clarity for their next step, and our Discipleship Pathway is no different. We have created a roadmap that is intended to clarify to anyone currently apart of New Life or simply curious about how they will grow in Christlikeness being a part of our local assembly. 


Step 1 - CONNECT: Your first step is to fill out a "connect card" - You can do this, during the service, by scanning the QR code on the chair in front of you, at the Welcome Desk in the Connection Lobby, or on the website. We have various events and programs throughout the year to help you get connected into church life. 

Step 2 - GROW: Join a Small Group/Bible Study Group - We strongly believe that discipleship happens within the context of healthy community. This was Jesus’ primary method of developing His disciples and the early church followed this example (Acts 2:42). As the disciples continued together, they began to live out their general purpose as the Church and their specific purpose as members of the Church (Acts 2:42-47; Acts 13:1-3; Matt 28:18-20). And our desire in Groups is no different. We desire to see people grow in their walk with the Lord, toward maturity, in healthy communities. 

Periodic Bible Studies/Classes/Alpha - Bible Studies, Classes, and Alpha are designed to dive into specific topics and assist you in answering important questions. This is accomplished through teaching, Q & A's, and sometimes group discussion.  

Step 3 - LEAD: Lead on a Serve Team/Lead a Group - Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples (Matt 28:19-20). We believe that if we are committed to the mission of Jesus and and growing in our commitment to the Lord, helping others to do the same is only natural. Leading on a serve team or leading one of our groups, is a great way to use your gifts, skills, and experience to invest in others along the way.

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