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Current Job


Part-time Custodian

(up to 24 hours/wk) 


This individual will answer directly to the Senior Pastor and be supervised by the Executive Assistant. It is imperative that a working relationship exist which exhibits integrity.


All non-pastoral staff members will be held accountable to the same level of moral conduct that applies to all Pastoral staff. Likewise, the same procedure for discipline and restoration will apply.


Ministry Focus:

In addition to the specific areas of assigned responsibilities that are outlined below, it is understood that all custodial/maintenance staff members share a commitment to support the entire ministry team.


Loyalty, respect, commitment, and support will be the foundation upon which staff relationships are built. Scheduled staff meetings involving all staff will serve to forge a working environment of cooperation and clear communication.



The building is clean with everything in good working order for each event throughout the week with special attention paid to Sunday Services.  Dependent on the church schedule, the requirements of when the building is cleaned, may change.


Responsibilities Outline:

1. Custodial Responsibilities:

  • Vacuuming carpets and washing floors in all areas including the offices weekly or as required.

  • Maintaining cleanliness of the sanctuary, offices, library, washrooms, Connections lobby, main lobby, Café, kitchen, gym, loft, and classrooms weekly or as required. This would also include being sure all necessities – soap, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers are stocked and in working order.

  • Regular collection of the garbage and recycling. Garbage must be put out to the side of the road on the Clench Ave side of the property on time for the weekly pick up in accordance with the city schedule.

  • Dusting furniture and equipment weekly and as required.

  • Three to four times a year or as required: clean windows inside and outside, clean fridge & upright freezer, shampoo carpeting, deep clean kitchen and nursery, loft and maintenance office.

  • Setting up for church functions from church calendar, special requests, and facility rentals.

  • Maintaining all custodial and maintenance supplies and equipment. Ordering supplies will be done thru the Bookkeeper.

  • Ensuring the church parking lot and grounds are free from garbage. In winter the entrances are clear, shovelled and salted as required.

  • Other duties as required and requested.

A weekly cleaning schedule will be established, in consultation with Supervisor if needed.


2. Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Inspecting facilities for damage – report significant damage to Supervisor.

  • Complete light maintenance – i.e. touch-up paint, lighting, small repairs etc c. Larger maintenance issues need to written in the Standard Operational Procedures book and reported so they can be addressed for example, broken equipment, running toilets, dripping taps.


3. Safety and Security:

  • The successful candidate must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. They must be physically able to intermittently squat, climb, twist, bend, stop and push or pull.

  • All work is to be performed in a safe manner, wearing appropriate safety equipment if necessary. Help should be obtained when moving heavy objects

  • The premises are to be maintained ensuring the safety of the staff and congregation. Any unsafe situations should be reported immediately to your Supervisor.

  • Harmful chemicals and equipment should be kept out of the reach of children

  • Any accidents and potentially dangerous incidents or conditions should be reported immediately to the Supervisor.


4: Additional Responsibilities:

  • Provide custodial care when the facilities are used for non-regular church functions. For example, weddings, family celebrations, school functions etc.

  • Remunerations for other functions will be as outlined in the Facility Use Agreement

  • Provide custodial care in preparation for and after church funerals.

If you would like any additional information or would like to submit your resume, please email:

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