Current Job


Part-time Custodian

(up to 24 hours/wk) 

General: The Custodial position will report directly to the Lead Pastor. 

This position is to ensure that the building is clean and in good working order. 

Dependent on the church schedule the requirements of when the building is clean may 


Essential Job Functions for Custodian:


1. Responsible for ensuring that the building is clean and stocked before and after every major function, including every Sunday for services. 


For Example: 

vacuum or wash floors, light dusting of equipment, removal of all garbage and recycling, ensure that soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are stocked and in working order. 


               • Washrooms x 4                                • Gym  

               • Kitchen                                             • Kid’s Classrooms                                        

               • Connections Lobby                          • Sanctuary 

               • Boardroom 


2. Offices must be cleaned once a week, or as required, for example: vacuum floors, lightly dust desks and equipment and empty all garbage and recycling. 


3. 3 - 4 Times a year or as required: 


  • Clean windows                                  

  • Deep Kitchen Cleaning 

  • Fridge & Upright Freezer                

  • Deep Clean in Nursery 

  • Shampooing carpet                        

  • Loft 

  • Maintenance Office 


4. Maintain all custodial and maintenance supplies. All orders are to be given to the main office for purchase. 


5. While cleaning look for maintenance issues that need to be addressed. If any are found, they must be logged in the Standard Operational Procedures book so that they can be addressed. i.e. broken equipment, running toilets, dripping taps, burnt out light bulbs. 


6. Any additional duties as requested.

If you would like any additional information or would like to submit your resume, please email: